Vintage Mid-Century Bernard Buffet Blue Le Bouquet Print Wall Art


French artist signed "BERNARD BUFFET" (1928-1999) painting "Le Bouquet" features a beautiful abstract still life blue flower arrangement. The print uses a special process of varnish creating look and feel of the original painting.

Bernard Buffet was a French Expressionist painter. Best known for his representational work, Buffet's paintings are often figurative, graphic, and central in their compositions. A bold rejecter of abstract art altogether, Buffet was a member of the anti-abstraction group L'homme Témoin, or the Witness-Man, which passionately argued for the importance of representational art at a time when abstraction began to dominate the critical conversation. His oeuvre revolved around ideas of art history, death, sexuality, popular culture, and politics while often directly referencing contemporary events and artists. Buffet had an extremely prolific career, painting over 8,000 works and garnering widespread popularity and acclaim, including dozens of international exhibitions and honors such as being inducted into the Académie des Beaux-Arts in 1974. (

18" tall x 13" wide framed

In good vintage condition. There is a small hole in the canvas in the top blue flower. There is a white paint mark in the upper right hand corner.

About Wesley and Rose Curios:

Inspired by my grandparents, Wesley and Rose, who's home and personal style was influenced by mid-century designs, a love of entertaining, an insatiable appetite for worldly travels, all with a touch of southern charm. I scour flea markets, estate sales and thrift stores hunting for one of a kind vintage gems that remind me of them and I am so very happy to share these treasures with you! Thank you so much for stopping by y'all!

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